The idea of beauty often denotes images of balance, symmetry and perfection.  Modern science and society also tells us ratio and mathematical exactness is a beautiful aesthetic to adhere to.

For my project I want to explore the curiosities that remain in us when we look at something imperfect, awkward and subtly ‘not quite right’.  By looking at Japanese pottery, the wabi-sabi aesthetic in particular.  An aesthetic that Yohji Yamamoto has always worked towards, where murkiness, balance, harmony, and imperfection does not necessarily mean symmetry.  I want to create a collection where certain curiosities are stirred as to what is finished, and what isn’t.  By incorporating the Kimono, I will be careful not to venture into orientalism, but delve into subtle connoctations of tailoring by bringing across hand sewing techniques and finishes with traditional Japanese geometric shapes to create drape and fluidity.

By the end of this I hope to present A shell of a jacket, a jacket that is not quite a lining and a draped dress made from rudimentary non representational pattern pieces inspired by the Kimono.

Cindy Co


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