Early Semester #2

Early in the semester, in another class, we were working to a different tune…
A recycled garment was to be used –a men’s tailored jacket. The brief was to create a new garment male or female from the existing piece. My garment was primarily focused on the lining of the jacket. The front panels with pockets, including a jet, were now placed towards the back, the sleeves were sewn into the side panels and the head of the sleeve cut straight and sewn together in order to create a pointed effect.

Once on the body, it was evident that there was not enough room for the wearers arms to move freely. I carefully cut into the matching pair of pants for the suit and added panels throughout the front and back to alleviate the stress on the garment. Remaining material from the men’s pant was used to create the bind which covered the newly made cape.

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