Cape turned Jacket turned Cape once more!

Having created the cape early on in the semester, see prior blog post, I continued on with the idea. I wanted to refine the panels and silhouette whilst experimenting with differing textiles.

I took the cape, translated the data onto the fitted jacket block, in order to get the shoulder line and correct armhole shape. I decide to take the cape’s silhouette and transform it into a jacket.

The Jacket was made up of black Acetate and a heavier black Polyester fabric. Through the process of sewing the garment, I was completely disgusted and over the panels, design lines and pockets previously designed (informed by the original recycled men’s tailored jacket).

I then proceeded to remove all design lines and create the same silhouette, this time in a wool blend.

Happy with the overall design, I approached the next garment in a similar vain to when we were constructing garments using the slash and open method at the start of the semester. I cut the armhole and some of the side panelling out and inserted a flared sleeve. Creating a cape once more!

I headed back to the original design, some time passed, and I approached it with a new light. Perhaps a different fabrication would help the situation. I fused a wool blend to the acetate lining and therefore took away the problem of the difficult sewing of the light and heavy fabrics, as before.

Cape turned Jacket turned Cape once more!

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