Margaux Lang

With a background in Fine Arts, the New York based Margaux Lange is the creator behing this range of truly unique and, pardon the pun,handcrafted jewellery. The idea for her creations was conceived in 2001 as a result of her ‘Plastic Body’ series that was produced whilst working towards her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Maryland Institute of Art.

These art jewellery pieces that Margaux Lang produces are all hand made with materials and dolls sourced by Margeux herself. When questioned about her decision to make jewellery using Barbie limbs, Margeux reminisces over her childhood where barbie played an important role in her playtime, ”I immersed myself in on-going narratives where my fears, embarrassments, joys and explorations of human interactions could play out like characters on a stage”. Furthermore Lang discusses the appeal of taking a mass manufactured product and turning it into something handcrafted and unique. Additionally, Lang is also keen to point out the irony involved in her work through accessorizing the human body with other representations of the human body and in particularBarbie, who is accustomed to being accessorized herself.

Indeed this idea for barbie jewelry is rather effective on anaesthetic note, but one can also interpret the deeper meaning behind its creation. Coincidentally these pieces flow incredibly well with my own project as both bodies of work aim to explore a deeper meaning behind the creation ofthis famed doll with perfect proportions. Consider this as you look through these images of smooth sightly limbs, otherwise simply enjoy the hypnotic rhythm of it all!

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