muted tones of monochrome

 alanna barca – synopsis 

My project experiments with creating monochromatic environments for three photographs, in three different tones, violet, ivory and pastel blue. Tones of colour are built onto the figure through layers of ‘garment accessories’.

My project experiments with deconstructive pattern making techniques to achieve interesting, circular silhouettes. My ideas of the four garments I will create, is that they will be beautiful and feminine in appearance, using delicate, however stable fabrics, such as silk organza as well as a viscose jersey, and I will be experimenting with bonding techniques. To achieve the tonal variations, I will conduct dye tests.

These ideas came from the inspiration of the inside of a men’s tailored jacket, the layers of padding and interfusing inspired me to think about this ornate pattern which reminded me of the shapes created in a glass vase. From there my archive became an old glass vase, which informed the entire monochromatic and circular ornate silhouette investigation.

 The violet tones photograph will include the ‘organza apron dress’; it is put onto the body like an apron, and would only be functional with a dress under it. The many layers of violet organza create tonal variations of the colour, and depict a bulbous silhouette.  The ivory photograph includes the bonded knit dress, which has been engineered to work cohesively with all of the garments made; the garment accessory of this photograph is the bulbous sleeve organza jacket. The final photograph is the pastel blue, it also includes the knit bonded dress, the garment accessory is the silk organza skirt, which is bulbous and full in shape, there are layers involved, which create the colour alterations.

The silhouette and structural shapes of each piece is much to do with the finishing and bonding techniques I have experimented within my project.



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