My interpretation of this studio is that there is a great focus on contrasts, exploring the unexpected and unconventional and really breaking the norm of what it is to create clothing, and the motives behind it. The contrast and harmony that is created through working with both traditional tailoring and deconstruction acted as a springboard for my work. It *inspired my ideas of juxtaposing elements of not only design and construction, but also concepts of deeper meaning that formed the backbone for my work.

Based on a desire to influence the structure of a garment using unconventional methods I noticed the potential in using particular elements of dolls as a means of doing so. The use of dolls would also enable a tangible impact of the concept behind my work; that is, exploring the zeitgeist that is the sexualization of females.

Whether they be porcelain dolls, Barbies or blow up dolls, the majority of these simulacra tend to be an idealised and unrealistic representation of the female form, hence the title of my work: Hadaly, meaning perfect in Arabic and therefore suitable as the name of the first female android created by Edison.

Based upon the these ideas of construction and concept, my intention for this studio is to create three garments representing three key stages in a females life: childhood, teenage development and adulthood. Each garment is relative in philosophy and scale to each of the three phases.

Clothing, limbs, hair and doll forms are all part of what constructs a dolls perfect image. I am taking these elements and using them to construct garments that comment on this exact idea of perfection and sexualisation. Using these parts to create structure is key: consider their practical use but also their ideological influence on the garments silhouette and form.

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