Issey Miyake is one of those designers who has long fascinated me. From the innovative Issey Miyake Fete – garments that redefined the way we think about memories and time – to the iconic Pleats Please tote, Miyake never seemed to stop breaking ground.

I think it’s a real pity that these days he is mainly known for his perfumes and accessories. A quick look on Google Australia reveals that all four “suggested searches” for Issey Miyake relate to his scents or his watch line. Although these are known to change relatively regularly, it is telling that the first thing that springs to most fashion mavens’ minds is lovely ‘L’Eau D’Issey’ rather than the wonderful pieces the brand under the guidance of Dai Fujiwara was commissioned to create for Top Shop, or the brilliantly textured HaaT.

Looking at the beautiful yet practical folds of the 132 5 range I felt like now was a good time to look back at what the Miyake house has been working on over the years. My eye was immediately caught by the simplicity and brilliance of the A-POC-made ‘Gemini’, a vest that coverts into a chair cushion.

It contains many elements that I would like to consider in my own designs: bold colours, excellent styling, a touch of cute, and plenty of forethought and care. This is all not to mention the simple brilliance of this garment cum piece of furniture. I find it completely inspiring.

Lastly check out this video inspired by the Miyake house’s designs. It’s a great tribute to an awesome designer, and shows an interesting way of interpreting both his practise and the finished products themselves.

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