Following our Das lecture monday morning, I wanted to further research Alexander McQueens earlier collections. Lilliana paid special attention to McQueen’s controversial Highland Rape collection, as well as Comme Des Garcons bump collection. Personally I have never felt offended by McQueens work, I think he really did strive to uncover what as a society we are really afraid of, as well as he himself wasn’t scared to shock people and create disturbing collections.

“The collection mixed military jackets with McQueen tartan and moss wool, contrasting tailored jackets with torn and ravaged lace dresses and ripped skirts. On a runway strewn with heather and bracken, McQueen’s staggering and blood spatted models appeared wild and distraught, their breasts and bottoms exposed by tattered lace and torn suede’s, jackets with missing sleeves, and skin tight rubber trousers and skirts cut so low at the hip they seemed to defy gravity”  Quote source: Evans, C. 2007, Fashion on the edge, Yale University Press: London

The highland rape collection was described as ‘aggressive and disturbing’ by the press. McQueen maintained the rape was not of the individual models themselves who looked brutalised on the runway, but the rape of scotland. The theme of the collection was based specifically on the Jacobite rebellion, McQueen conceded he had studied the history of scottish ‘upheavals’, Highland rape was about England’s rape of Scotland.

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