Help and Hindrence in Fashion

Combination of mouldable leather compared to jersey

Help and Hindrence

The idea of challenging the norm and tradition is appealing, breaking patterns and old ways of doing things can change the future.
I want to inspire, challenge, surprise and appreciate when designing

The concept of usefulness and hindrance of fashion is not a new one, but it will be challenging. The juxtaposition of these ideas in fashion is intriguing and inspiring to me. Sometimes when thinking about the bigger picture of ‘fashion’ its hazy, as to if it is part of the world’s problems, or part of the cure for some. Fashion can be a bit of both a hindrance and a heal to contemporary society. The idea unfolds into many areas

A worn leather backpack is the object that will assist with expressing the Heal and Hinder idea. The inspiration and translation of the idea will draw from an archive from the V&A museum. Challenging the conventions between masculine and feminine is also involved.

The joining techniques that will be explored and shown are metal links or chains that reference the protection and strong chainmail material. Some traditional seam techniques will be used which will be opposed by other joining techniques such as joining with wire, weaving planes together, using buckles and strap fastenings, to reference the backpack. Most of the edges in these garments will be unfinished or have an invisible finish applied to them. The planes of fabrics will have intersecting points where they will join and that will form the garment as a whole.


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