reject the intentional. (Project Synopsis, Tanya R.)

My interest in this investigation lies within finding a new way of working based around not necessarily following conformist ways or rather previously taught ways of working. The stem of my research has revolved around looking at tailoring, the origin & utilisation of deconstruction and a philosophical reading behind ‘what is innovation’ in fashion. Thus, by stating that I wish to find new ways of working I am not saying that I’m using a method unheard of or unused in the fashion practice but merely combining these different methods in my own way thus creating an original outcome.

Working in a way that doesn’t preconceive an idea but rather approaches without a strict agenda creating an open outcome.

A prominent focus on tailoring and tailoring techniques, in a sense collating different construction methods together and like the deconstructionists- making this construction process visible and this becoming a decorative feature as opposed to a crucial function within the garment.

Therefore, using the recycled garments becomes an important part of my project merely for the purpose of generating new ideas and by deconstructing the tailored garment- learning more about the construction process. I am not interested in the recycled garments for there historical origin or previous life.

In terms of fabrication, my focus is on using traditional suiting fabrics- but collaging them together in one garment to create a three dimensional structure within the fabrication. Working with quite neutral colours. And using the functional feature of the tailored process which is usually hidden- pad stitching- as a decorative feature and print.

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