Project Synopsis –“Raw Enigma follows function” Jovana Margetic

Deconstructionist designers were believed to be the beginning of the post modern phenomenon in the field of fashion. Breaking down components of fashion and resembling them[1], is what Deconstructionist designers are all about.

There is this constant raw aesthetic seen through their work. In order to experiment with deconstructing, I believe we need to explore the old structure. I am interested in using existing blocks and appropriating the information by slashing and opening a new.

However, to convey the raw aesthetic of what the Deconstructionist’s adopted, I intend to use the existing slashing and openings created as the feature of the ‘cloth’. I then aim to experiment with reassembling and cutting the garment again, however leaving parts of the cloth with the existing slashes and openings. The cloth will be a map of the working process.

I have been influenced particularly by Bonnie Cashin and Martin Margeila’s body of work. Conversely, they both use collage and appropriation. They take unorthodox objects out of their ordinary environment, enlightening their work with new functions.  I want adopt this idea of forcing “the viewer to question what it was they were seeing.”[2] By appropriating objects such as, bag openings, keys and clips in order to inform the function (openings and closures) of my garments.

[1]deconstructionists’ 2007, in The Thames & Hudson Dictionary of Fashion and Fashion Designers, Thames & Hudson, London, United Kingdom, viewed 18 March 2011, <from;

[2] Paola di – Trocchio PT 2011, ‘Exhibition review: Maison Martin Margiela”20” The Exhibition’, Fashion Theory, volume 15, 1, pp. 99-108.

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