Gender stereotypes quite often dictate the use and interpretation of ‘fashion’. The strong chemistry which is experienced between male and female is not only dictated by verbal communication and emotions, it also relies on physicality and fashion.

The ideology for me behind the studio, making the unfinished is to transform found or made garments from a stereotypical ‘finished’ or structured silhouette to something more abstract or contemporary. The concept I am most concerned with in my research, as well as developing my archive is the manipulation of the male and female body shapes. I’m looking at designers such as Jean Paul Gaultier and Thierry Mugler for inspiration for my development of ideas.

The process included in the deconstructed and reconstruction of garments in which I am focusing on includes; corsetry, corsetry seam techniques, padding, embedding padding, or material to make shapes using vliserfix, working on the stand and unorthodox pattern making. (By unorthodox pattern making, I mean starting with the basic block and manipulating it until it’s unrecognisable or working from the stand and creating patterns from the toiling process.)

I’m interested in placing shapes around the male and female body in suggestive or random places. The ideology behind using shapes is to see how the body shape of a male or female can be changed and then interpreted or reinterpreted.

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