The collection was truly about those belts: loose, trompe l’oeil attachments, corset-laced and bunching in the back like a bustle, crushing ruffles, forcing fabric into folds. With leather leggings, wedge boots, and one of Demeulemeester’s laced jackets or waistcoats, they made for a strong, dramatic silhouette. “My job is to give beauty,” said the designer, in which case she can fairly claim a bonus.” 

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The Demuelemeester A/w 2011 collection was exciting as I felt she really focused on certain areas of deconstruction whilst remaining true to her own signature silhouette and look. The deconstruction and use of corsets was really inspiring to see how instead of actually incorporating pieces or elements of a corset into a garment, she pretty much incorporated a whole corset into the silhouette of a garment which was very interesting. 

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