Prada both mens and womens lines always seem to be one of the most successful shows of the season. The block colours in basic garments reminescent of Raf Simons inaugural collection for Jil Sander seamlessly pulled off what may seem like an oxymoron to most. Self described as ‘minimal baroque’ he collection displays shows the importance of colour and texture which I hope to explore throughout the studio. It seems to emphasise the importance of visual impact and aesthetics, which at times can be blatantly overlooked in the over conceptualisation of works. As well as this the playfulness in comparison to the stereotypical austere atmosphere of a fashion parade illustrates the importance of context. Such a body of work may not be so visually striking or seemingly risk taking in a São Paulo runway collection. As well as this Prada also made clear it’s intentions to the audience. Whilst conceptual complexity and seductive guises work in favour of the typical visual artist in such a context it serves you well to have some obvious reference points, in this case the Josephine Baker hairstyle, baroque style cherubs etc. In such an industry aesthetics are paramount.

I hope to include these attributes in my clothing, a challenge to myself to strut the tentative line between the obvious and the obscure, the minimal and the ostentatious and the good and the bad. I think it’s when these elements come together it has the makings of an intriguing, enduring and successful collection.

Here is a link to the show………

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