The beginings of collage//

Guitars of paper and string-Pablo Picasso, Still Life 1914-Pablo Picasso.

Picasso was adopting the technique of collage “pasted papers” (Cottington 1998). It can be seen in his Guitars of paper and string, that his paper turned into a three dimensional sculpture. His sculpture, Still Life 1914, was another piece that depicted bread and a sausage however was made from wood.  His artwork was constantly commenting on the “distinction between illusion and reality” (Johnson 2003, p.660). In spite of this, Picasso comments on the question, what is art and what is not, through the use of his innovative material and non traditional representation. Both constructions and collage can be seen through postmodernism today, and the Cubist style of collage has been appropriated and interpreted through generations. Cubism was considered the beginings of modern art movements.

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