BAPE is one of my favourite brands.
I find it interesting that like Ralph Lauren the relatively simplistic designs manage to transcend into so much more. The blending of workwear, hip hop, military garments and pop culture is quite unique. Maybe it’s this dichotomy of soft and hard social aesthetics that makes it a forever stimulating and eternally current and ‘cool’ brand. The recycling of designs into childrenswear and ladies wear are also a testiment to the mass appeal of the brand, bridging age, gender and generation gaps. The endorsement of the brand by stars such as Kanye West, Kid Cudi, Pharrell and Takashi Murakami obviously has something to do It’s creating a never ending circle of supply and demand with it’s popularity but it seems like much more than that. Prices rival and succeed that of many established designers (eg Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger etc) and quantity limits are placed on customers making in store purchases. The creation of the Bape Ape Logo after The Planet of the Apes show manages to transcend cultures resembling a more crude drawing and ape version of spongebob square pants. It’s really incredible how i manages to promote to so many demographics with so many mixed messages and come out the otherside with a unified image. I think it comes across as a sort of sexual naivety or sexual perversion of overgrown children seductively playing adult games of with the ability to behave righteously while remaining psychologically and physically hidden by Bapes trademark camouflage all zip-up hoodies that makes it perhaps unconsciously appealing to so many.
What do you think?

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One Response to BAPE

  1. Cindy Co says:

    I love BAPE. clothing for the eternal child, and love Pharrell.

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