Jean Paul Gaultier Fall 2002

“Brown paper packages tied up with strings; these are a few of Jean Paul Gaultier’s favorite things for fall. His runway was wrapped up in sheeting like a Christo art piece and the models bundled and bound like parcels in transit. Hangers and Stockman dress forms—the dummies used for fitting clothes—circulated on an overhead track so the girls could take off and put on jackets and coats as they strutted.” Sourced from:  PARIS, March 9, 2002, By Sarah Mower

Jean Paul Gaultier’s collections are very versatile each season, sometimes you see recurring styles or silhouettes coming through from previous collections, yet I feel he can always seem to create the wow factor. Wether he is dealing with lingerie or a specific art form he can change and scalp the body to create something unique.

His Fall 2002 collection provided not only a reference to Christo’s approach to objects of wrapping, but a new way of displaying garments on the runway. Models wore the garments out and then on there way back they hung the top layer up on a mechanical clothes rack. Symbolising garments have a different attitude and movement on and off the body.

Above is a video showing the process of wrapping the Reichstag in Berlin, Germany by the artist known as Christo.

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