Hussein Chalayan – Ambimorphous.


Hussein Chalayan curated the ‘Ambimorphous’ exhibition in 2002 for MOMU.   Click here for more information.

This looks at power and powerlessness, I think it is a great example of deconstruction, looking at something traditional, and morphing it into the modern.  Notice how the embellished jacket also changes to a darker colour.


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2 Responses to Hussein Chalayan – Ambimorphous.

  1. When I first looked at this image I was confused as to which way the garment evolution flows. Perhaps it’s just a ambiguous circle, with the ability to be interpreted both clockwise and anti-clockwise and reverse.

    Upon reading the rest of Chalayan’s statement (found below) Jean Baudrillard’s Simulcra and Simulation was immediately brought to mind. In particular I was reminded of his comments on Native American Indians and Tasadays and their respective ethnicities’ and cultures’ occupation of the hyper-real, rather than the surreal. Here is a quote that I found particularly applicable….

    “The Indian thus returned to the ghetto, in the glass coffin of the virgin forest, again becomes the model of simulation of all the possible Indians from before ethnology. This model thus grants itself the luxury to incarnate itself beyond itself in the “brute” reality of these Indians it has entirely reinvented – Savages who are indebted to ethnology for still being Savages: what a turn of events, what a triumph for this science that seemed dedicated to their destruction!”

    By Ellery Bakker

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