Freyja Ronngard

A clean idea of the two usefulness and hindrence working in harmony

I, Freyja Ronngard, will discover and play with the ideas of Juxtaposition, common in Deconstruction thinking.
I will challenge society’s idea of the Usefulness and the Hindrance of fashion.
A useful element in a fashion garment is something every modern person that needs to carry useful objects, pockets. Pockets allow precious items to be close to the body in easy reach, ready to be used. One of the most obvious reasons to wear clothes is to control human body temperature, some fur coats can easily keep anyone warm.
An obstructive element in fashion garments today can impact on the wearer’s movement, their heath and mentality. An example of the kind of fashion elements that hinder, are capes that are too long and make the wearer caught in obstacles, or even long hemlines on dresses, or trousers that trip the wearer. Sleeves that are too long can become unacceptably dirty easily, for example when eating or painting.
Through my experiments I would like to explore and challenge elements in a garment that could hinder or help the wearer, fulfill their purpose. To discover why certain elements constrict or free the body will assist with the challenge of combining the opposing elements in fashion.

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  1. This image came from from a summer 10 Chloe collection.

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